About me

So, for some reason you still want to learn more about me.  I have a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University in Political Science with minors in Economics and Philosophy.  And conveniently work as an IT professional.  My first introduction to the World Wide Web was in '94 and I was absolutely fascinated by how easy it was to get information.  Granted, easy was relative as I had to keep a copy of Mosaic on a floppy disk so that I could install it on whichever university computer I was using.  I was also impressed by the information found using Gopher.  Yahoo was one of the several search engines I used at the time and quite astonishingly has remained a favorite ever since.  My first website simply acted as a bookmark site for me to use.  It was primarily for my own use, yet I did get some emails from people who found it on the web.

I currently live in Spokane, WA with my wife. We recently bought a house and are starting to settle into our new home.

In my free time, I am a coach of masters rowing as well as rower and coxswain.

My life is simple but sure. I live to row and forget the day.  Sunrise, sunset never losing their charm.  A sigh of relief as the water slips from the oar.  Rhythm and balance holding chaos at bay.

As I have mentioned, I am recently married.  Soon, I hope to add information about my wife.

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